Our vineyard located two different side river Alazani  in Kakheti.

We have wineyars in inner Kakheti, our wine yeards are located both side of Alazani river left and right side. We have 1 acre in village Kurdgelari (micro-zone Tsinadali), 1 acre village Saniore (micro-zone Napareuli). The vineyards  are old then 35-40 year, well-drained and well-exposed to the sun.

The grape varieties are Rkatsiteli (70%), Saperavi(30%)

Georgian wine club infografic
Georgian wine club infografic



Village Kurdgelauri is included in Tsinandali micro-zone, farmhouse as high quality wine land for white grapes, where annual duration of sunshine in a zone is more than 2300 hours. The vineyard is located to the North side of Tsiv-Gombori mountains and to the right bank of the river Alazani. We had only 10 rows of vines where harvest in 2015 only 1ooo kilo of Rkatsiteli Grape, after 2015 we start renovation our wineyard,  we will have 17 vine rows to harvest  2500-3000 kilo.


Saniore is appelation controlled micro-zone of Napareuli, located left bank of Alazani river in Kakheti, which is farmhouse for high quality white and red wine. Annual duration of sunshine in a zone is 2050 hours. The white wine is made of Rkatsiteli and the wine is light straw-colored, with a well-defined bouquet and wild flower tone. The red wine is made of Saperavi and distinguished by dark red color, varietal specific aroma, velvety with well-developed bouquet. The vineyard is 40 years old vine, located in village Saniore, Napareuli 20 km from Telavi.  We have two rows of Saperavi and 6 rows Rkatsiteli. Average vintage is  700 kilo of Rkatisteli  and 200 kilo of  Saperavi. We will produce only 400 bottle of Rkastileli and 100 bottle of Saperavi from this vineyard.


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