Our family had wineries and Marani in Akhmeta “Jaluri” from where our  Saperavi wine was very famous in Georgia. Wine merchants where coming from Tbilisi and buy all vintage wines. Communist take from us our property and wineries in 1921, Nikoloz Rostomashvili was last owner of the Rostomaant Marani and vineyards.


Rostomi  (1770-1846 years)    By Legend he was monk Rostom Orbeliani.

Abraami  Rostomashvili (1799-1878 years)

Vasili  Rostomashvili(1824-1897 years)

David Rostomashvili (1857-1916 years)

Nikoloz Rostomashvili(1887-1967 years)

Davit  Rostomashvili  (1922-2011 years)

Zurab Rostomasvhli  (1947 – precent)

irakli Rostomashvili (1979 – present) he recovered Rostomaant Marani name again, he build small wine cellar in Telavi. On the logo is picture of Nikoloz Rostomashvili (Kiko) who was last owner of Rostomaant Marani in Akhemeta.

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