Following old Traditions making wine in Qvevri

"8 000 years of unbroken tradition of wine making, Cradle of Wine place, More than 525 grape variety"

Wine Cellar Rostomaant Marani is small family Wine Cellar which is located in town Telavi, Kakheti region, East part of Georgia, near park Nadikvari. Rostomaant Marani producing Qvevri wines and Chacha based on Georgian traditional methods. Qvevri wines was announced as Georgia cultural Non-Property heritage by UNESCO in 2013. Making wines with Qvevri(kvevri/Qvevri – clay jars) has more then 8 000 year history in Goergia, which has unstopping process from ancient time to date.
Wine Cellar Rostomaant Marani produces are:
– Rkatsiteli Qvevri Wine (white)
– Kisi Qvevri Wine (white)
– Saperavi Qvevri Wine (red)
– Chacha agged in oaks;
– Chacha traditional (white)

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